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General Conditions

Sandra Vee Cosplay is committed to providing quality patterns with easy to read instructions and simple designs that work for many cosplay designs. We are passionate about teaching and providing great tools for cosplayers who want to design and sew their own costumes. We applaud your creativity! But because good boundaries make good relationships, we have set out our terms of Service and privacy policies to clarify some details. Read on!


Accuracy, completeness and Timeliness of Information

We will always do our best to provide the highest quality information, with clean accurate patterns and straightforward instructions. There are always many different techniques to make the same garment, and we will do our best to provide the easiest route that still gives you a quality finished product. But nobody is perfect, and “best” is open to interpretation. We do not take responsibility for your satisfaction, and cannot promise that patterns will ever be perfectly free of errors. We do promise unlimited downloads of your purchased patterns so if we make a correction or update, you will have access to the update at no additional cost. We also strongly encourage you to search out many different sources for your sewing education, to round out your knowledge and discover the techniques that feel most comfortable to you.



All of the patterns sold by Sandra Vee Cosplay are original designs, all copyrighted and all rights owned by Sandra Vee Cosplay. When you purchase a pattern from us, you have the right to use it to make garments yourself. You may not copy, resell, share or forward the patterns to anyone, and you may not reproduce or publish these patterns in any form.


Selling products made with our patterns is ok in small batches. Again, we love your creativity and are inspired by your enthusiasm for cosplay. We would LOVE to see garments made with our patterns turn up in costume commissions or even an Artists’ Alley. If you are sewing things yourself and selling them, amazing. Of course, we ask that you give credit by stating that you used a Sandra Vee Cosplay pattern, and we would love to see your finished product

If you are hiring people to sew for you, or using the patterns for mass manufacturing, that is not allowed.


Refund Policy

Because the PDF downloads are available instantly after purchase, we are unable to offer refunds for our products.


Changes to Products and Pricing

Sandra Vee Cosplay reserves the right to make changes to patterns and prices at any time. From time to time we may offer promotional pricing on patterns, which will only apply to purchases made within the time frame and conditions of that promotion.


Third Party Services

We may offer links to other services and or products on our website, or have affiliate websites whose products we use. We take no responsibility for the accuracy or quality of linked or affiliated websites and or products. We strongly encourage you to check out the Terms of Service agreements of other websites for yourself.

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