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Sandra Vee Cosplay

Making Your Cosplans
It’s not fair.
You made a cosplay wish list, and your followers voted which one should be your first project.
You do your research, make some sketches, get the money together for fabric and supplies.
Then you go to the fabric store. You see some great stuff, maybe not sure which fabric is best but the pattern you choose will help with that, right? 
Choosing A Pattern
So you sit down with the giant glossy books of pattern styles. Flip to the section labelled costumes. Hmm, that one has parts what you need, but maybe not the skirt. You don’t find anything in costumes with your skirt style but you find a prom dress pattern that might work. How hard can it be to put the two together? 
You flip the pattern package over, to see how much fabric you will need. But wait, these sizes don’t make any sense! You know your clothing size, and your chest size but on the package they are miles apart! Which one should you choose?
Sound familiar? And that is before you even leave the store! What about when you get home and the instructions are tiny black and white drawings with confusing markings and words you don’t understand. When you do start to sew, it’s harder than you thought to combine the two patterns, the fit is weird and gappy, and you question all your plans. 
It’s not just commercial patterns. Copying your favorite clothes onto fabric, wrapping yourself in plastic wrap and duct tape, watching YouTube videos…they all have their pros and cons. Why is sewing so hard? 
It doesn’t have to be.
Patterns Designed for Cosplay
What if there were simple patterns, for separate pieces of costumes, with real world clothing sizes, and colour photo instructions? What kind of sewing ninja master could you be then? What if no one put limits on what you could sew? What if there was someone with actual patternmaking education and experience, creating the cosplay patterns you really want to sew? 
That is my goal, what I am so very passionate about. I have a college diploma in pattern making and sewing technology, and I LOVE that you want to sew. I want to teach. 
Get early notice of new pattern designs, even give feedback and suggestions about the patterns I create and release. Enter your email below to get on the insider list for cosplay patterns you can sew, in the styles you want! 

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